Boston School of Modern Languages
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Our Method

BSML's methodology focuses on the fundamental skills needed for proficiency in English.

  • Pronunciation: Learn how to properly pronounce all vowels and consonants, and the past tense of regular verbs. Understand how to differentiate between words which are commonly confused.
  • Idiomatic Expressions: English is rich in idioms. Mastering them is critical to being a successful communicator.
  • Vocabulary: Expand your vocabulary of words used in everyday conversation (travel, shopping, restaurants, etc.) Learn words used in academic and business settings.
  • Grammar: Learn the correct structure of English sentences, including questions and negatives. Also learn which verb tenses to use in specific situations.

BSML teaches English in small, easy-to-learn parts. Each student’s progress is checked every week with a precise evaluation system so that areas of English which have been mastered, and which ones need more attention, can be addressed.

Although the curriculum has evolved over the last 89 years, the latest teaching techniques are utilized. BSML publishes its own textbooks and study materials that facilitate mastering the fundamentals of English such as grammar, vocabulary, and idiomatic expressions. In addition, every student can choose from a wide variety of electives such as:

  • Conversation
  • Writing skills
  • Accent reduction
  • Reading
  • Business communications
  • Presentation skills
  • College entrance and test preparation
  • Super idioms

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