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Our Faculty

Teaching is both an art and a science. We select our teachers based on their academic achievements and teaching skills. They must be masters of the English language and have a thorough understanding of the techniques required to teach English as a second language.

Many of our teachers have specialties. For example, some have expertise in specific skills such as idioms or grammar, while others are adept at teaching private lessons in Business English, Legal English, or Scientific English.

Additionally our teachers are selected for their ability to make learning interesting and enjoyable. Our staff has a reputation for friendliness, warmth, positive attitude, and sense of humor.

Students come to BSML as clients, but they always leave as friends. BSML teachers are constantly looking for new and effective ways of teaching English and regularly take part in development training sessions. Students say that the professional and caring faculty, together with the well-designed program, are the reason for their incredible progress at BSML.

"The things I like the most about the school is the quality of the classes and the teachers, the individualized schedule, which allows me to focus on my personal goals and the weekly evaluations which give me the opportunity to learn from my mistakes and to see my improvements."
Gustavo from Venezuela


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